If you are looking to purchase a smaller commercial property, (under one million dollars), you will find most bankers are not interested. The bankers like larger commercial properties, not the smaller properties. Again, we do this type of financing. We have mortgaged and do mortgage the following types of commercial properties:

Restaurants, plazas, vacant land, office, commercial condominiums, corner stores with or without residential apartments, garages, warehouses and most anything else that you can think of.

This is a very specialized field of financing and we recommend that you call our office for an appointment to discuss your needs. Please note, fees are charged for this type of mortgage financing. Fees are NEVER charged in advance of approvals for mortgages less than $300,000.00.

Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage Inc. also administers a mortgage portfolio under Mortgage Administrator Licence # 11207.

Find out how you can get the best mortgage:


TermOur Discounted Rates
6 Month Conv 6.44%
1 Year 5.89%
2 Year 5.19%
3 Year 5.09%
4 Year 5.19%
5 Year 4.79%*
6 Year 5.74%
7 Year 5.84%
10 Year


18 Year N/A
25 Year N/A
Fully Open Variable N/A
5 Year Variable 5.80%
Rates subject to change.

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