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Most Canadians don’t use a mortgage broker. That’s unfortunate (for them).

Mortgage broker explaining document to couple

It’s true, less than 30% of Canadians use a mortgage broker.

I think there are two main reasons for this:

  1. Most Canadians don’t understand what a good Mortgage Broker does or how that broker can save them a great deal of money, and
  2. Most people hate the idea of change (until they understand the cost of staying put, that is)

While this ratio is great news for the banks, it’s not great news for you, because it means that too many people are paying more for their mortgage than they should be paying.

I can’t do a lot about #2 yet, but I’m definitely going to help more Canadians understand what a great mortgage broker can do for them. If I do that, I’m pretty sure #2 will take care of itself.

My name is Grant King and I’m the founder and president of Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage, though most people know us best by our jingle and web address: “mortgagesmadeeasy.com”. I’ve been in this business a very long time and I’ve seen it all and I know more about mortgages and great credit than most ever will. I care deeply about helping people and I think it’s a complete tragedy that credit and money sense are never taught in schools, for nothing impacts a life like financial intelligence (or cluelessness) does. Every week I get looks of complete amazement when I tell a potential client that in all but a very few of the rarest situations, using a mortgage broker won’t cost them a single penny, but it will save them a bundle. I’m tired of this being a surprise to people.

In fact, I feel so strongly about this subject that I’ve decided to do something about it. I want to use our blog as a way of sharing everything we know about the mortgage business as a way of improving anyone’s mortgage and financial IQ. Ottawa Carleton Mortgage offers an unmatched level of experience, skill and accountability and this blog series is one more way that we can share our knowledge and demonstrate real leadership by helping anyone seeking to get a better mortgage or improve their financial well-being being fully informed – regardless of who they choose to borrow with.

We’ll be writing about all things mortgage related, including:

  • Various types of mortgages and which ones might be best for you.
  • Simple credit building secrets adults and teens
  • Refinancing strategies
  • Investment property mortgage strategies
  • Getting a mortgage, even if you’ve been bankrupt
  • and so many more topics

We’ll be writing answers to some of the most frequent and interesting questions we get from clients, and we’ll be doing it transparently, for we’re incapable of double speak. We’ll try to keep it short, lively and to the point.

I hope you follow the conversation, and take advantage of some of the wisdom that my team and I share with you. We’ve spent a lifetime gaining this knowledge so that you don’t have to.

Grant King

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