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I’ve refinanced before. Should I again?

The short answer is yes, there’s never been a cheaper time to borrow money in history. The longer answer is yes, but only if you’re willing to follow a better mortgage plan.

A good mortgage broker can be a very powerful ally, but as much knowledge as we have to offer and as many lenders as we have bidding for your account, we still have limits. For example, if you’ve refinanced before and you are in the position to have to do it again, we can help, but the solution might not be instant or easy.


Believe me when I tell you that we’ve seen every situation imaginable. We’ve been there before and we’ve seen good people fall on hard times, get over-extended or simply not have a disciplined plan to cure the debt that ails them. It’s not something you need to be embarrassed by, but it is something you need to be brutally honest about.

Anything can be fixed, but the whole point of mortgage refinancing is to turn your ship around so that you can escape the debt that weighs you down in a way that is built on life lasting habits that eliminate debt for the long run.

If you have the will to follow a plan, we can help you realize a better life - one you probably don’t believe exists for you. If you can’t find the discipline to change habits and do the hard work early so that the long view is bright, there’s probably no one who can save you from yourself.

Like I said, the only thing you should be embarrassed by is not being able to admit you need a better plan. A good mortgage broker is a planning ninja. Work with one today. It’ll make a world of difference in your life.

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