New mortgage rules

Canada’s new mortgage rules came into effect this week. The bottom line is that they make it more difficult for anyone seeking a new mortgage, trying to buy a rental property, looking to transfer a mortgage or seeking to renew an existing mortgage.

Unfortunately, first time homebuyers will likely be hit hardest by what I describe as a crazy knee-jerk reaction by many lenders.

Some lenders have actually said things like “for now, we aren’t lending to anyone trying to buy rental properties” or “we won’t be doing any pre-approvals for home buyers!” This is a ridiculous response, but you don’t need to panic. Seriously, and here’s why:

Ottawa Carleton Mortgages has been a mortgage leader since 1989, back when rates were heading north in double digits! We’ve seen it all and we’ve solved the puzzle for thousands of clients for more than a quarter century.

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We’ll give you options & choices for what works for you & your family – not the lender. And don’t get frustrated if you have been told you don’t qualify for a mortgage by some lender or broker. Let us see if our network of lenders can help you meet your goals.

Now more than ever you need to protect yourself and your family. The best way to protect yourself is to arm yourself with the best information, and I guarantee you that when it comes to cracking the code on the new mortgage rules and getting you into the best mortgage possible for your situation, Ottawa Carleton Mortgages is without peers.

We take your success very personally. Now think about that.

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