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Don’t waste valuable time calling or visiting bankers or other brokers. Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage Inc. deals with over 30 mortgage companies throughout Canada. We will tell you, not only who has the best rates, but their terms & prepayment options which best suit your specific needs - which are just as important. You can pick the right mortgage for you & your family. We don’t sell mortgages, we offer a mortgage service that will far exceed what you have experienced at your bank.

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Pitfalls of Collateral Mortgages

Balancing house and mortgage rateDid you know that you could end up with a collateral mortgage from your bank without knowing it?

In fact, your banker may not even know they are selling you a collateral mortgage - I know that may sound unbelievable - but it’s true in some cases.

We work for you

We Work For You

Our Free Mortgage Service means we only quote you the BEST RATES. We'll disclose mortgage rates and products that you and your banker may not even know existed. As independent mortgage brokers/mortgage agents we work for you not the mortgage lenders. Our loyalty is to you not the lenders. We'll show you numerous mortgage products, not just one and we'll always explain the fine print. You always get to choose the mortgage that you want. We'll expose mortgage secrets that your banker doesn't want you to know about. We'll put you on a level playing field with all the billion dollar mortgage lenders.

Find out how you can get the best mortgage:


TermOur Discounted Rates
6 Month Conv 3.30%
1 Year 3.29%
2 Year 3.39%
3 Year 3.39%
4 Year 3.59%
5 Year 3.39%*
6 Year 3.97%
7 Year 3.69%
10 Year 3.89%
18 Year N/A
25 Year N/A
Fully Open Variable 4.75%
5 Year Variable 2.90%
Rates subject to change.

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