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Welcome to Ottawa - Carleton Mortgage Inc.

Since 1989 OTTAWA-CARLETON MORTGAGE has been a mortgage originator of billions of dollars in mortgages for thousands and thousands of clients. We're totally independent of all mortgage lenders, which means we are completely unbiased in recommending mortgages from a variety of mortgage sources. As mortgage originators, we offer you a mortgage service, which far exceeds what you've come to expect from your bank.

We're licensed mortgage brokers/mortgage agents for more than 25 major mortgage lenders across Canada, possibly your own bank. With just one call you can have every one of these Canadian mortgage companies rates and products disclosed to you. Our mortgage service is FAST, you can expect a written mortgage approval within hours of your application. Our service allows you more options, you choose what you want, not what some banker is trying to sell you. You can expect the best mortgage rates without any hassles or negotiating. We can arrange a mortgage for you anywhere in Canada. And best of all, our service is FREE!

Our Free Mortgage Service means we only quote you the BEST RATES. We'll disclose mortgage rates and products that you and your banker may not even know existed. As independent mortgage brokers/mortgage agents we work for you not the mortgage lenders. Our loyalty is to you not the lenders. We'll show you numerous mortgage products, not just one and we'll always explain the fine print. You always get to choose the mortgage that you want. We'll expose mortgage secrets that your banker doesn't want you to know about. We'll put you on a level playing field with all the billion dollar mortgage lenders.

We have mortgage brokers/mortgage agents available 24 hours every day to answer your immediate mortgage requests. Call 613-563-3447 anytime. Our phone is answered live, we're kind of old fashion that way. After normal business hours someone will be paged to get right back to you.

TermOur Discounted Rates
6 Month Conv 3.10%
1 Year 2.99%
2 Year 3.24%
3 Year 3.14%
4 Year 3.34%
5 Year 3.24%*
6 Year 3.62%
7 Year 3.39%
10 Year 3.79%
18 Year N/A
25 Year N/A
Fully Open Variable 4.00%
5 Year Variable 2.41%
Rates subject to change.

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First Time Home Buyers

  • Pre-Approvals
    Important first step. Pre-approve your mortgage. Lock today's rate. If rates decrease, you get the lower rate!
  • RRSP Home Buyer's Plan
    As a first time home buyer you can use your RRSP’s for the down payment to a maximum amount of $25,000.00 per borrower, without paying taxes on the withdrawals.
  • Qualifying For Your Mortgage
    We will go over this in detail when you talk to us as all lenders want only qualified clients

Purchasing a Home

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Free Mortgage Service

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Free Mortgage Transfers

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Private Mortgages

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Rental and Investment Property Mortgages

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Commercial Mortgages

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  • Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage Inc
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  • Phone: 613-563-3447
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